Who Am I?

Coq au vin

Coq au vin

I am a self described obsessed cook. After a few too many kitchen disasters involving tempeh, tofu and the like I concluded that there had to be a better way. Products were not easy to come by and I became an avid label reader, supermarket explorer and ethnic market seeker. It seems to have worked. We are still happily married and happily eating after all these years and hopefully he will make an appearance here, too. I hope to share some of my knowledege and inspiration with you and am looking forward to any feedback, recipies and general hilarity that you choose to share. And yes, my kitchen really is messy most of the time. It’s not a joke. Really. Just ask my family and friends…….


4 responses to “Who Am I?”

  1. Rich says :

    Joy — Saw my sister Saturday and she told me she just found my mom’s old recipe cards tucked away in a drawer. She had not had them for years and years. When she last had them i did not cook at all really. I am going to get them and make copies soon. I can not wait to dig in. I have not experienced the meals I loved the way she made them since I was 17! What sentimental and tasty fun! I will try to share some of my favorites at some point. I am anxious (or nuts??) to see if certain taste combinations or smells trigger memories for me. Yay!

  2. Rich says :

    Joy — I am not sure how or if it is possible to start a new thread so i will put this here. – After years of dry pork chops — no matter what I did, I found the attached and made it last night — and –oh my God — Pork Nirvana — moist and tasty — i am in love.. Give this a try if doing pork chops… http://www.davevanderwekke.com/cooking/how-to-brine-store-bought-pork-chops

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