How Do You Like Me Now??

AHHHH Oysters!

AHHHH Oysters!

Oh my word! If you really look close and squint your eyes a bit you can almost see the bluebirds chirping, and swirling, around my head (along with the butterflies) to the sound of Handel’s Messiah sung by the Angels! But yes, I am waxing a bit poetic… Could not BE any happier on this cold, March day. It took everything to stop myself from diving into this plate of oysters on the half shell while Eric took the picture.  Eric found out that our favorite restaurant and oyster bar was having a month -long March promotion of $1 oysters so we made our way down.  Ordered 20 and felt a little embarrassed by our gluttony.  I think we finished this plate in about three minutes. I love these any way they are made, but particularly when they are raw.  There is really nothing like it – sweet, salty, fresh, and brimming with the brine of the sea. Most certainly would be my last meal if I were to have a choice. To those who think ‘gross’ – you should try them just one time.  They may not look pretty but they are delicious.  Don’t think about it, just shoot them down with one bite. My hope is that you will not regret it. Really. Just once.


About joyfulg1

I have been an obsessed cook for the last twenty seven years. My infatuation started slowly, gradually widening my cookbook collection - and my hips, unfortunately! It all started with a new boyfriend who was interested in all natural, preservative and additive -free whole foods. After a few too many disasterous tempeh burgers and tofu pups, I was determined to find a way to make meals that he would eat that actually tasted good. It must have worked, because we are still happily married after all these years. It has been great to watch the evolution of cooking in America since that time, and the products that are now easy to pick up in your local supermarkets and farmer's markets. Now we have become more interested in travel and are finding inspiration everywhere we go.

4 responses to “How Do You Like Me Now??”

  1. Debbie says :

    Do you actually chew oysters, or just swallow them whole? If you just swallow them, you are not really tasting the oyster, just the salty fluid. Either way, I think I’ll pass….not even if I were drunk. LOL But I’m glad you enjoyed them.

  2. janice says :

    Where were you having the oysters? Mike loves them(i only like them fried!)

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